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Hi, I'm Michelle and I've been running Wagzone since 2015. I've had a dog since childhood so they are a big part of my life. I'm a farmer's daughter, brought up in the countryside, so I'm good with animals and love being outside. It is in my blood!!! I own 2 dogs - Dotty, a cocker spaniel and Martha a cockapoo.

I am married and have 2 grown up children. Prior to starting Wagzone I worked on reception at a local school, so have developed strong customer service and organisational skills which can be put to good use as a dog walker.

I live in Hythe, near Brockhill Country Park, so have access to loads of fantastic dog walks. I have a van fitted with crates, so can collect your dog and transport them safely to and from walks.  I look forward to hearing from you or bumping into you on a dog walk.





The WagZone Gang

My prices include collection, a walk and drop off.


Price for 1 dog: £12 per hour.

Price for 2 dogs (from the same family): £17 per hour.

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